Visualisation – Recorded at an event on Relationships


Downloadable audio file (MP3)
Live Visualisation.

These visualisations were recorded live at events with Michal over a number of years. Each is unique and very different from the others.
“As well as being recorded live, these visualisations were also chosen from recordings over a spell of time. As a result they can be very different. I find there are many ways to say the same thing. Different ways are effective for different people, or at different times. The energy of the recordings shows those differences.

It’s also worth mentioning that where I use the word God, it is because I am comfortable with it – as a kind of shorthand. It’s not because I believe there is a figure in the sky, with a long grey beard and bushy eyebrows directing our lives! If you prefer words like “The Divine”, or “The Creative”, feel free to use them. The underlying point is that I do believe in a Power greater than our single selves, and in the power of communication, indeed the necessity and inevitability, of communication with that Power. I hope you enjoy the recordings. Go well, be well, Michal”